Sunday, September 30, 2012

tunedbytad goes to Nashville TN to tune Impalas!

Recently I took a trip to Nashville TN to tune some special Impala / Caprices

Had a great time and did some good tuning

This is my new good freind and client Allen.
He has a super bitchen and clean 1996 Impala SS
5 Speed stick lives behing Karl Ellwein  click to see build -->> #7 383 Stroker topped with Advanced Induction heads
 While in Nashville it was time to sample the local food!
 Not in CALI!!!!

Late Model Hemi tuning in Orange County California!

tunedbytad now offers late model Mopar / Hemi tuning

pictures is a 600+RWHP 2012 Hemi tunedbytad for Saleen Supercars

please inquire for Mopar / Hemi Tuning @ 714.503.1880

Cool * heads and cam 2004 Cadillac CTSV

Cool * heads and cam 2004 Cadillac CTSV

6.2 converted mild heads and cam
super cool - daily driver 

400+RWHP 400+RWTQ