Sunday, June 17, 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012

tunedbytad is now a HPTuners Dealer and Unlimited GM V8 Pro Tuning Shop

tunedbytad is now a HPTuners retailer!!

For HPtuners interfaces & credits in stock on the shelf,
visit or call Superior Automotive

Also, the tunedbytad HPTuners interface has been massivly upgraded to better service you
Let tunedbytad be your Unlimited GM V8 Pro Tuning Shop!

Software for all Gen3 and Gen4 V8 98 and up Cars and Truck are available for immediate tuning!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Irwindale Speedway is *back open for buisness*

Irwindale Speedway is *back open for buisness*

After a several months of not having a dragstrip avaiable to LA / Orange Counties. 1/8th mile street legal dragracing has returned to Southern California. Myself and countless others were in attendence for the first two events.

The opening event was packed. 3.xx second Jet cars and SoCals fastest street legal cars were in attendence.

At the second event the place was still packed. With the staging lanes 100% full all the way to the back wall of the parking lot.

O.G. AWD Silverado Delivers on the Dyno

Previously on the tunedbytad blog,
This awsome truck failed to dyno proper.
Multiple issue prevented a good tune from happening as delivered to the dyno.
The technical details are simple:

-rising rate fuel pressure regulator was adding way too much pressure
-Siemens 60lb injectors were WAY way too small and large duty cycle had them locked open at WOT
-102mm TB was being blamed for REP Reduced Engine Power and and poor idle quality
-lack of 2BAR operating system made for incorrect fuel enrichment curve.
*HPTuners 2Bar operating system upgrade provides Boost Refernced Power Enricment ability!
This is key to a smooth and safe NA to boosted transition.

Having a good customer that allowed me to do my job to rectify all the issues. I was able to reserect this truck into a real deal performer, with nice factory-esque street manners, and cold start.

Injector Dynamics ID-850s resolved all fuel issues

CA 91Pump Gas conservative but effective tune.

Keep your eyes open for this truck in a future issue of Truckin' Magazine.