Thursday, June 7, 2012

O.G. AWD Silverado Delivers on the Dyno

Previously on the tunedbytad blog,
This awsome truck failed to dyno proper.
Multiple issue prevented a good tune from happening as delivered to the dyno.
The technical details are simple:

-rising rate fuel pressure regulator was adding way too much pressure
-Siemens 60lb injectors were WAY way too small and large duty cycle had them locked open at WOT
-102mm TB was being blamed for REP Reduced Engine Power and and poor idle quality
-lack of 2BAR operating system made for incorrect fuel enrichment curve.
*HPTuners 2Bar operating system upgrade provides Boost Refernced Power Enricment ability!
This is key to a smooth and safe NA to boosted transition.

Having a good customer that allowed me to do my job to rectify all the issues. I was able to reserect this truck into a real deal performer, with nice factory-esque street manners, and cold start.

Injector Dynamics ID-850s resolved all fuel issues

CA 91Pump Gas conservative but effective tune.

Keep your eyes open for this truck in a future issue of Truckin' Magazine.

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