Tuesday, April 24, 2012

LT1 Engine Dyno now available at Superior Automotive

LT1 Engine Dyno now available at Superior Automotive

*for booking info and pricing call 714.503-1880
Dyno your LT1 on the DTS engine dyno before you install it in the car.

-Confirm the engine works 100% before install.
-catch any leaks before install.
-HP / TQ numbers across the whole RPM band.
-full PCM tuning on the engine dyno wil allow for a perfect tune at all RPMs
*Automatic High stall cars can have perfect fuel tuned under the stall point

This is the dynograph of this LT1 on the stand.
Superior built Street LT1 / GM 586 LT4 Hot Cam / AFR 190 Heads /  long tubes
475 Flywheel HP

 Factory PCM tuning 100% transferable into your street / stip tune

*** You NEED Injector Dynamics Injectors !!! ***

*** You NEED Injector Dynamics Injectors !!! ***

As a professional Dyno Tuner I have never been so excited about a product(s) as the the Injector Dynamics products.

For as long as EFI has been around it has been a fact that:
Large injectors equal a motor with bad manner and poor economy

Now days 5/6/7/8/900 RWHP LS motors are becoming more and more commen
And for the the select few that can afford it 1000+RWHP is obtainable on the street.

When Someone says 95 pound per hour injector,,,,, what comes to mind?

In the past 95 pound per hour injector ment;
crappy high idle, crappy cold start, strange manners, and a price aftermarket ECU to run it.

Injector Dynamics changes all of that!

These are Serialised injectors
SUPER FLOW MACHED at low pulse width and high pulse width
they also come with FULL technical & engineering data for HPTuners.
An injector with a pedigree.
Would you buy an engine w/o a build sheet(s)?
Why buy an injector w/o technical data?

Literally having a 95 lb per hour injector run your 1000RWHP LSX at a 650 RPM cold idle on pump gas with the factory computer is NOW a reality.

The Future is NOW!

check them out

Monday, April 23, 2012

Competition Race Fuels / Torco Fuel adder

Here in California we are realy power limited by the 91 Octane pump gas / fuel available to us.

I was a sceptic of any type of "Snake Oil"
This stuff is dyno and track proven under my foot.
This stuff is the real deal it works!


Client and Freind Joel Fiengold has been Championing these fuel adders.
These fuel adders have contributed to the sucess of his Corvettes.


Check out Joels videos on youtube

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Whipple Charged 5th Gen Camaro tunedbytad

Whipple Charged 5th Gen Camaro tunedbytad @ Haddad Motorsports
 results of 600HP & 526TQ.

NEW ZL1 hits the dyno @ Haddad Motosports

Hey there race fans.
The new Chevy ZL1 has hit the streets
I just dynoed one of the very first ones
here it is

O.G. Super Truck tunedbytad @ Superior

O.G. Super Truck tunedbytad @ Superior

after a long winded story of sorrow, and heartache with this truck
it recived a tune that returned back to the street and it's owner

This is a preview / teaser of a story to be continued......

OMG forged low compression Superior Built 408 CI LS w/ large body cog driven Magnacharger

Stay Tuned!.....

James 95 Impala SS tunedbytad @ Haddad Motorsports

James 95' Impala SS tunedbytad @ Haddad Motorsports

the motor is a bit of a "mystery bullet"
this car was challenging with:
fuel pressure issues
voltage problems
ground issues
lack of internal and external engine specs and part numbers

I had to jump some hurdles to NAIL this one down

in the end it turned out great

3500 stall small bodied Edge converter / 4.10 gears / locking posi / lighning fast throttle response / low end biased TQ curve

this ride roasts the tires in 1st and 2nd gear

Dont be fooled by the 320RWHP peak number
This is a pump gas, daily driver, for the working man and real deal performer.

2010 E-Force Camaro tunedbytad @ Haddad Motorsports

2010 E-Force Camaro tunedbytad @ Haddad Motorsports

New Mods:
-2bar HPTunres OS upgrade
-Injecotr Dynamics ID850 850cc injectors
-NGK BR7EF spark plugs

 Box stock Cforce charger, sits on a 9:1 forched LS3

9PSI Boost 12:1 flat AFR for the 9:1CR forged motor

Massise 680RWTQ and 445RWHP

LS1 Heads and Cam 4th Gen Camaro tunedbytad @ Superior

400+ RWHP LS1 Heads and Cam 4th Gen Camaro

Fast 90mm intake / 90mm TB
ported heads
moderate Custom Comp Cam
36Lb injectors
4000ish stall / 3.73gears

Nailed down a clean idle, good cold start, and brought sanity to the shits with the 4K stall converter

Simple tune , good results, will make a daily drivable dependable performer.

here is the tuning / dyno work in action

Magnacharged C6 Grand Sport Corvette tunedbytad @ Superior

Magnacharged C6 Grand Sport Corvette

it's a shame that GM delivers these A6 Automatic Grand Sport Corvettes with a weak rear gear ratio and LAZY & WEAK transmission programming.

GM's inhouse calibrators managed to make thier really nice paddle shifted 6 speed automatic laim.

A tunedbytad tune on the 6-Speed will take the paddleshifting from a zero to a hero
The corvette will finally be FUN to drive with the paddles.
simple upgrades
-LG Motorsports headers
-1 step smaller pully
-NGK BR7EF plugs
-custom tune by tunedbytad @ Superior Automotive

making an brutal 80+ foot pounds of torque gain
widening the TQ band across the whole RPM range
increasing throttle response
lowerng the RPM point the supercharger develops full boost

Good Gains - This is a conservative 91 octane pump gas tune