Friday, March 30, 2012

Talent Motorsport C6 Z06 1K RWHP tunedbytad @ Haddad Motorsports

Good friend and Client Talent of Talent Motorsports has been working with me to hone in on his goal of 1000RWHP with his Corvette.

We almost hit the mark on the base tune and shake down dynos on 91 octane california pump gas.

here is the 411

890RW on 91 pump gas
959RW on 91 pump gas plus meth

Build SpecsShortblock

QMP/T.M.S Built 427ci Warhawk Aluminum Block - Amazing help and work with state of the art equipment, they know how to build a motor, and know it well, along with anything necessary to build them, with a lot of experience, has to be our Favorite Machine Shop.
Lunati Stroker Crankshaft
Callies I beam Rods
ROSS Pistons
Dry Sump windage tray & Tank insert
Custom Ultradyne billet cam
Katech High Volume Oil Pump

Top End

Ported LS7 Cylinder Heads
Stock LS7 intake and TB
CHE Rocker Arms
Comp Pushrods
2in Primary headers
ECS Dual Nozzle Methanol Kit - AMAZING PRODUCT!!!!

Induction System

YSI 8 rib with A&A Brackets - Just simply amazing/Simple bracket setup that actually works, and always GREAT SERVICE!!!
Custom T.M.S Air/Water Inter cooler/Piping - waiting on RX SUPERCHILLER
Vortech Blow Off Valve

Computer & Fuel

Injector Dynamics 1000's with extensions - Amazing service, Amazing product, it was just too easy, quickest part of tuning had to be the injectors, worth every penny for the quality and service of their product and I cant see myself purchasing any other brand for any one of my builds. Great Job and thank you MITCH!

RSI Stage 3 Fuel System Dual Pump,return style,Fuel Rails - Dear Will I dont understand how I can never be mad at you for the service but it must be because you have such a GREAT product on the market, so far so Good man, Im loving it! P.S you can thank Mitch at Injector Dynamics for the Fuel Injector Spacers!!

Tuned By Tad & Dyno By Haddad - I can not say enough good things about them both, I have been working with them for over a couple years now and I have to say they have never failed to deliver a perfectly well tuned car no matter how difficult it has been, this is the type of people that actually care about the cars and dont just rush them out of there to get the next one on the dyno "real talk" coming from a shop owner.

Transmission & Rear Differential
T.M.S T56 Transmission
T.M.S Differential 3.42
R.P.S StreetTwin Light

PFDAT Coil Overs -
PFDAT Urethane bushings

Wheels & Tires

Rennen 3 Piece Extreme Concaves20in Rear 19 in Front

Factory Zo6 Rear Wheels Nitto Nto5R Tires 345/35/19 - For Drag

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