Sunday, April 22, 2012

Magnacharged C6 Grand Sport Corvette tunedbytad @ Superior

Magnacharged C6 Grand Sport Corvette

it's a shame that GM delivers these A6 Automatic Grand Sport Corvettes with a weak rear gear ratio and LAZY & WEAK transmission programming.

GM's inhouse calibrators managed to make thier really nice paddle shifted 6 speed automatic laim.

A tunedbytad tune on the 6-Speed will take the paddleshifting from a zero to a hero
The corvette will finally be FUN to drive with the paddles.
simple upgrades
-LG Motorsports headers
-1 step smaller pully
-NGK BR7EF plugs
-custom tune by tunedbytad @ Superior Automotive

making an brutal 80+ foot pounds of torque gain
widening the TQ band across the whole RPM range
increasing throttle response
lowerng the RPM point the supercharger develops full boost

Good Gains - This is a conservative 91 octane pump gas tune

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