Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fear The Dear Heads and Cam LT1 tunedbytad style

Now that I have your attention lets talk about reliable steet power.

This is my good friend Nick's Impala SS

With my guidance Nick has built himself a fast, reliable, pump gas, daily drivable street car that performs at the track on a buget a hard working student can afford.

One could babble on endlessly with mod lists and part numbers
if your building a LT1 for your ride please contacte before you build your LT1
I consult with my clients for free on their builds in advance to help ensure sucsess

The keys to this build are:
-proven heads, cam, compression combonation
-attention to small details
-and super good flowing heads

91 octane pump gas, on a student buget, moderate milage 350ci factory shortblock, w/ heads cam and boltons

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