Tuesday, April 24, 2012

LT1 Engine Dyno now available at Superior Automotive

LT1 Engine Dyno now available at Superior Automotive

*for booking info and pricing call 714.503-1880
Dyno your LT1 on the DTS engine dyno before you install it in the car.

-Confirm the engine works 100% before install.
-catch any leaks before install.
-HP / TQ numbers across the whole RPM band.
-full PCM tuning on the engine dyno wil allow for a perfect tune at all RPMs
*Automatic High stall cars can have perfect fuel tuned under the stall point

This is the dynograph of this LT1 on the stand.
Superior built Street LT1 / GM 586 LT4 Hot Cam / AFR 190 Heads /  long tubes
475 Flywheel HP

 Factory PCM tuning 100% transferable into your street / stip tune


  1. Is gm pcm tuning complicated to do? Will anything drastic happen to the engine if I screw it up?
    gm pcm tuning

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