Tuesday, April 24, 2012

*** You NEED Injector Dynamics Injectors !!! ***

*** You NEED Injector Dynamics Injectors !!! ***

As a professional Dyno Tuner I have never been so excited about a product(s) as the the Injector Dynamics products.

For as long as EFI has been around it has been a fact that:
Large injectors equal a motor with bad manner and poor economy

Now days 5/6/7/8/900 RWHP LS motors are becoming more and more commen
And for the the select few that can afford it 1000+RWHP is obtainable on the street.

When Someone says 95 pound per hour injector,,,,, what comes to mind?

In the past 95 pound per hour injector ment;
crappy high idle, crappy cold start, strange manners, and a price aftermarket ECU to run it.

Injector Dynamics changes all of that!

These are Serialised injectors
SUPER FLOW MACHED at low pulse width and high pulse width
they also come with FULL technical & engineering data for HPTuners.
An injector with a pedigree.
Would you buy an engine w/o a build sheet(s)?
Why buy an injector w/o technical data?

Literally having a 95 lb per hour injector run your 1000RWHP LSX at a 650 RPM cold idle on pump gas with the factory computer is NOW a reality.

The Future is NOW!

check them out

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