Sunday, April 22, 2012

James 95 Impala SS tunedbytad @ Haddad Motorsports

James 95' Impala SS tunedbytad @ Haddad Motorsports

the motor is a bit of a "mystery bullet"
this car was challenging with:
fuel pressure issues
voltage problems
ground issues
lack of internal and external engine specs and part numbers

I had to jump some hurdles to NAIL this one down

in the end it turned out great

3500 stall small bodied Edge converter / 4.10 gears / locking posi / lighning fast throttle response / low end biased TQ curve

this ride roasts the tires in 1st and 2nd gear

Dont be fooled by the 320RWHP peak number
This is a pump gas, daily driver, for the working man and real deal performer.

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